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The 2013 Show season - well contested classes at the Royal Caledonian HS Spring Show.

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- 2014 gallery - my flowers this year

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- RHS Aberdeen - Spring Show 2013

- Royal Caledonian HS Spring Show 2013

- March 2013 - what's happened to Spring?

- Protecting pots for 2013

- Daffodil Shows Scotland 2013 - dates and contact info

- Gallery of Cultivars I'm growing for 2013 shows

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To start things off I have included several photos of the daffodils I grew in 2011. These photos are also available in magnifiable form on the Daffodils ZOOM page

Link => My Daffodils 2011

There is also a series of pages showing exhibits at the Aberdeen RHS Spring Show 2011 (again in ZOOM format):  

Link => Aberdeen Spring Show 2011 

also a link to 2012 Show Reports and my 2012 daff pics:

Link => Daffodils Shows reports Scotland 2012

Link => My Daffodils 2012

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